It Matters What You Wear During An Interview.

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You’ve done the hard part, i.e., secured an interview. This proves that your cv was well written and presented professionally. It impressed the recruiters so much they have invited you for an interview. Many people fail at the interview stage because they don’t do the basic things required to give a good account of themselves.

What should do after securing an interview? Well, dressing well for an interview is essential in helping you to create a good professional impression. Someone who turns up in a nice suit will make a better impression than someone who turns up in a pair of combat pants and a tee shirt.

Here are a few tips to ensure your attire doesn’t let you down:

  • Regardless of what the dress code for the organization is, dress conservative. Finding out what the dress code is should be a part of your research. Visit the company and see what people are wearing.
  • Your hair should be well-groomed and your fingernails trimmed and clean.
  • Keep the aftershave and perfume low key. If you have to wear it, use just a hint. Overpowering perfume or aftershave does not go down well.
  • Limit your jewellery. If you walk in covered in gold like Mr T, don’t be surprised if you are rejected. No jewellery is better than cheap jewellery. Remember, the company is looking to hire someone for their professionalism, representing them; you need to look professional.
  • Women should wear dark blue or neutral coloured suits and Men should wear a conservative suit with a belt with a good quality shirt.
  • Body piercings should be removed for the interview. Apart from earrings for women. For men? If it’s a corporate job you are applying for, men’s earrings are out.
  • If you have tattoos, then cover them up. You may be a biker in your spare time and are proud of your tattoos, but there’s a time and place to show them, and an interview is not the place. You have to play the interview like a game. Like an actor’s rehearsal. You only get one chance at an interview. So don’t slack off. It is all about preparation.

Know in advance what you have to offer the company and leave nothing to chance. You need to know the company dress code and what you have to wear. Do this so that you don’t look like some total lunatic when you turn up.

It’s a well thought out plan, and by following it, you will create a great impression. Get there early, preferably on time. Turn off your phone. Get the names of the people interviewing you and their titles. Find where you are going and try to arrive very early so you won’t be late on the day. If you arrive late, you will appear desperate, which won’t impress the interviewer.

Remember to carry a portfolio or a briefcase with you. Carrying a briefcase looks very professional. Greet each interviewer with a handshake and make eye contact when you get to the interview.

If you don’t know an interviewer, ask the receptionist and ask what name is on the letter. While you may be nervous, try to remain in control. The interview is only a tiny part of the job process. Do your homework on the company. If you hand in your resume, don’t just read from your CV.

Dressing suitably is definitely an essential part of the interview. It is always advisable to have a mock interview whether you are applying for a job or for higher studies. If you are interested in higher studies and want to have a mock interview, you must consult a good consultant such as MIM-Essay.