How to Have a Career as Bartender ?

So you want to learn how to become a bartender and start your own drinkery?

First you need to be able to profitably run a bar. Go through your learning and training and make sure you display the skills you need to be able to serve clients successfully. If your not good at mixing drinks and displaying knowledge of botany, that’s fine, you’ll just have to do it part time.

Next you’ll need to get a license. This shows that you have taken the time to learn what you need to know to get started. Make sure you take the time to unclose the insurance that you’re covered for something that could happen with your business.

The last step is the most important. Start with people you know. Show them your talent and skills and ask if you can help them open a drinkery. If they’re not people you know, they can give you a valuable service…without being noticed for the wrong reasons!

Once you start, you’re on your way to fulfilling your dream of having your own beverage concentrate. You should get started in a beverage company as soon as possible.

How to Become a Bartender:

Steps #1 – preparatory

Step #2 – getting a job

Step #3 – getting experience

Step #4 – learning how to mix drinks

Step #5 – learning how to display

Become a bartender and get a job in a lounge or bar located in a metropolitan area.

Get a drink recipe book so you can learn how to do everything behind the bar. You will also want to learn the shorthand (keyboard) speed that will assist you when making drinks.

Learn how to be a good listener. You’ll need to pay attention to what people are telling you, but you’ll also have to listen to their level of intoxication. If they are making drinks without much alcohol in them, you may need to slow down.

Understand that mixed drinks can be top sellers. To top it all, you will have to deal with the frequency of ordering a double dollar beer (2 shots of alcohol for a single dollar beer…technically a double point can be considered a doubleDomestic beer).

Living, learning and getting the chance to interact with fabulous people all day in a club or bar atmosphere is a tremendous opportunity for a guy or girl.

If you’re a guy that loves to dance, you should consider a career as a nightclub promoter. If you’re a cool, outgoing person who loves to interact with people, it’s a good idea to become a club promoter in a club environment.

Attend meetings for the American Red Cross or the ry Five.* Don’t ask the question, “What does the organization do?” Or, “What do you do?” Both are inquiries that only put people off.

Search for , , or ,sometimes these words are used interchangeably.* I found Bartender Diplomas to be helpful in learning how to become a bartender and to brush up on my French.

Learn how to become a bartender and study the structure and use of the drinks glass, and the various types of punches and mixers.

Learn the plumbing, fire alarm and safety systems.

Don’t wait until you finish your education to learn how to become a bartender. The sooner you know how to become a bartender, the sooner you can be on your way to a profitable career in a discos and restaurants with good social networking connections.

The more education you have the better. There’s no excuse for not knowing how to become a bartender.

Double cool.

Don’t get worried that your job might be eliminated. Thousands of cool people still work in the field. If you’re totally sucks at your job, no one will notice.

If you’re stuck in a bad job, read or listen to a motivational CD. I think you may actually enjoy it. It can get you through that tough opening.

Remember, you have something no one else has to offer, and that’s you!

Be the best you you that you can be!